I have recently been sharing much on the practice of Ekadashi, and I am elaborating here for all who may be interested and inspired to try it.
Ekadashis in India are considered powerfully beneficial days to fast/go light and reset our system. This has been my personal experience as well.

Equinox. A sacred time when the day and night are equal and the energies around us are ripe for contemplative practices.
Life is always leading each one beautifully and uniquely to what we may need to see at any time. Balance perhaps is a theme many of us naturally sense at…

This past weekend in India, we celebrated another one of our most prominent festivals called Ganesh Chaturthi.
The birthday of our beloved Elephant headed deity Lord Ganesha.
This festival that arrives during the Lunar month of the Bhadrapada and on the 4th day of the waxing (Shukla Paksha) Moon is considered…

I recall the first time years ago when I was invited to explore teaching in the field of spiritual practices by someone I trusted for their clarity of vision.
I couldn’t see myself as a teacher.
I balked at the thought of it. …

I couldn’t name it.
It felt indescribable.
What had been missing before.
And what was now clearly present.
I viscerally felt it in each cell of my body.
Ease of being?
And more.
Try as I might, I had no words for it.
In many ways, I still don’t.


I recall my mentor Claire Zammit, once sharing (I am paraphrasing) that Transformation is not mere change.
This process is not about a caterpillar becoming a more beautiful, smarter, enlightened looking, and aligned caterpillar.
It is about the caterpillar who wakes up and recognizes the butterfly it already is. …

As per the Bhagavad Gita, this world is defined as the “Karma Bhoomi”.
The plane of “action” that flows in accordance with a natural law of Cause and Effect.
Makes one wonder how can then the very act of surrender -letting go- while on a plane of action be the…

Cover Photo by @chema_photo Unsplash

Thank the mad and the crazy ones.
The artists, the muses, the creators, the dancers, the singers,
the witches, the dreamers, the out of box jacks, the explorers,
the follow their heart north star movement makers,
the radical questioners, the too loud laughers, the deep feelers…

In a world where answers are sought and celebrated, I am arriving at the realization of the profound meaning of steeping in the depth of our questions.

For me, questions are not anymore just simple doubts of a confused Mind to be solved or rationalized. I see them as these…

As this year’s bLACK Friday “Early Access” Sale messages and notifications on all mediums start showing up I am staying aware and alert, watching…

What a year this has been. Unprecedented and in many more ways than one for me.
I cannot even imagine it’s been almost a year already…

Supriya Kini

An avid consciousness explorer of the Mind-Body-Spirit Self and advocate of living the life that we are, in and as Awareness. www.supriyakini.com

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