End of 2020 — The Invitation…

Cover Photo by @chema_photo Unsplash

Thank the mad and the crazy ones.
The artists, the muses, the creators, the dancers, the singers,
the witches, the dreamers, the out of box jacks, the explorers,
the follow their heart north star movement makers,
the radical questioners, the too loud laughers, the deep feelers,
the rebels, the lovers, …
Who move to life — to a beat which lies beyond the Mind that is known.

They are the ones standing at the leading edge of evolution
bringing forth the juice of new creation…
Drop by drop
As precious offerings of remembrances to our collective consciousness. Quenching the thirst we didn’t even know we had.
Thank the Mad ones who see the illusory experience of what is and has been. Thank the crazy ones who make no sense to the current frequency of this Mind.
Thank the courageous ones who stand at the threshold of the blessed door of the grand unknown inviting us to join them.

Come they say, holding their hands out.
We are done here.
We are done here, dear ones.
There is a new playground emerging.
Stop recreating the same world from the same thoughts that sprout forth from the same Mind.
Looking for yourself in the vast ocean when you are not lost.
Only perhaps experiencing the shifting sands underneath.
Allow yourself to see and leave behind the world you created from the very Mind you lived in.
There is nothing left to explore here.
We are done.
Bid it adieu with your whole heart for the gift it has been to have brought us all here.
Oh, and what a ride it has been.


YOU are invited.
For this ride, Only YOU.
Be ready to live from the space of the unconditional.
The space that cannot be navigated with the Mind that holds thoughts that have been thought, concepts that have been experienced, and strategies that have been tried …those you continue to hold so dear.
For this ride, only YOU come along.
It is only YOU who is real, true, and here.

Hear the echo of her call in the depths of your belly.
Sense her in the unmistakable ripple of recognition in your being.
She calls YOU forth.
This Mother who births you and is YOU.
We bow to her in gratitude.
We know we play in her lap.

To listen or not to listen to the call within is your and only your sovereign choice.
It’s only YOUr prerogative.
The world you see doesn’t get a say in this.
It never did.
To live your dream, your way is your divine birthright.
Your expression of your true Self.
Who can ever say what is valid and true for you?

Shed your armor you hold on so tight.
The one that never had anything to protect.
Shed your morals, principles, and ethics that are born from what fears deeply.
Thank the pain which was the very impulse that blossomed YOU.
Embrace the wholeness and wilderness that YOU ARE.
You were never born.
And you shall never die.
You are WILD. FREE. and TRUE.
And here on this plane, whatever you believe yourself to be.

May your words be medicine for the one who ails.
May the colors of your paintbrush be the relief and solace for ones in pain. May your funky sexy swaying dance moves tickle the joy ribs of everyone who watch. And perhaps try it for themselves.
May your smile light up every doubting soul who forgets their truth.
May your stance walk into the room carrying the power of existence in and behind it.
May your one word uttered, change landscapes forever in time.

Recognize the dreamer who dreams this world.
Be the Wise fool that dares to live the dream that is being dreamed.
Whatever you choose is your and only your sovereign right.
No one thing is right than another.
No one thing is higher than something else.
You are the chooser, the choice, the dreamer, and the creator of the dream.
Play in and with what lies in front of you and around you.
That is your holy ground of creation.
Right HERE.
Right NOW.

What is the invitation of these times?
May we recognize the mad hatters, the crazy kooks, the wise fools, that lie in each one of us.
May we bring our precious expressions of creativity forth in an offering of and to the divine leela of play.
May we be true rather than be right.
May we be and do from the space that is uniquely us.

These times can be feared.
Or they can be seen, honored, and perhaps even celebrated for what they bring forth.
The choice is ours.
All is well.

An avid consciousness explorer of the Mind-Body-Spirit Self and advocate of living the life that we are, in and as Awareness. www.supriyakini.com